This article will discuss the upcoming restructuring of the TRONTOPIA and IOSTPLAY platforms, to align the two ecosystems, as well as answer other general questions some may have.

What will happen to my iPlay Tokens?

As many know, TOPIA operates on a multiple token ecosystem that has worked quite well for us. We will utilize a similar ecosystem on the iPlay platform. With this, we will implement a new token very similar to TOPIA Diamonds. Current iPlay holders will be swapped over to this new token. Your current iPlay holds stronger value now because of this. We will make sure the current holders are given proper compensation.

What changes are we planning to make?

We feel the ecosystem needs to mostly be reset. With this, we plan to implement the additional token to swap the current holders into, and we plan to deploy a new mining token called iTOPIA, effectively restarting the mining phase for the platform.

With this we will introduce Mining Seasons. Seasons is a system that allows mining on our platforms to always be a profitable endeavor, whether you are coming in at the beginning of mining, or a year later. The system allows us to effectively reset the dilution of mining on a constant basis.

Will the current rake model be used?

Mostly, yes. We may tweak some percentages, but we believe in a fully raked system which was one of the reasons we were drawn to the iPlay platform initially.

Will there be new games?

Yes! We are going to work to port over Ultimate Dice, LuckyOne, Sportsbook, as well as most if not all of the future games we develop. We want all of the TOPIA platforms to be near mirror images to each other.

Will TRONTOPIA face any changes with this acquisition?

Yes, we have been working behind the scenes for several weeks on a complete restructuring to the mining system as a whole. We understand this brings some anxiety, but I assure you we are going to keep the community at the forefront of every decision, and we have setup the new system to be alterable and tweak-able if one is deemed necessary.

When will these changes take place?

ASAP — We feel it is of utmost importance to get a more sustainable system in place. A more well thought-out mining system will provide much greater sustainability for the platform, and for our token holders. We are currently coding and implementing the changes to our testing environment and once ready we will announce it and push it out to the public.

What is the Vision?

TOPIA will eventually operate on many different blockchains, but with this comes a great opportunity to build a sustainable umbrella over all of our tokens and reward systems. We are working to align the ecosystems in such a way that allows for a smooth transition to the eventual “Umbrella” system we will implement in the future. This system won’t go into place until we are operating on four different blockchains.

Where can I get more information?

You can always stop by our Telegram Channel and one of our admins will do their best in answering any questions you may have, or they can pass it on to myself (Topia Admin). and



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