BetGalaxy Mid-Month Development Update

Current Development Status up to April 15, 2021.

Greetings Topians

This is the update you ALL have been patiently waiting for! We have worked out most of the kinks, greased the gears, and are polishing the last coat of paint now! We will be setting and announcing the launch date sometime next week!

Front-End / UI

We have added and edited most of the text on our front end. This was purposefully left as one of the final steps due to the nature of the front end changing sometimes throughout development. No more “lorem ipsum” everywhere! 🤓

VIP, Cashback, Referral Rewards

The entire rewards system is 100% integrated, tested, and fully working! There are some additional tests we will run to further confirm that all is well, but it is looking extremely promising that there are no issues whatsoever!

All rewards are tracked directly within your “Balance” section of the platform, and they can be instantly transferred to your playable and/or withdrawable balance with a single click of a button! It is the smoothest experience I have ever had when claiming rewards from a Casino. 😎

Frequently Asked Questions Section

We have worked to fill our FAQ section on our platform with quality and relevant questions and answers. This should hopefully reduce a large amount of general questions we will receive at launch.

Promo Materials

The promotional materials section has been updated with some new graphics, as well as added HTML code to link these banners directly to your referral link! This is a wonderful tool to use in online forums and other places to generate easy referrals for yourself.

Detailed User Statistics

We have the user statistics page entirely coded and completed. Some of these may be replaced with more relevant statistics.

Default Withdrawal Addresses

We grant our users the ability to input predefined withdrawal addresses. This not only increases account security, but also adds a nice “ease of use” factor.


As you can maybe tell from the content of this article, we are working on quite literally the last remaining loose ends. We plan to finish the rest over the course of the next week, and then set and announce the launch date for BetGalaxy! The wait has been long, but it will be worth it!