BetGalaxy is LIVE!

Greetings Gamblers!

I am pleased to say, BetGalaxy has been live for it’s first 24 hours! We have seen enormous support thus-far, and are extremely excited to continue our growth path towards becoming the #1 cryptocurrency casino on the market.

I would like to share some of our initial successes with all of you!

Over 2,000 Users

After only just 12 hours, we surpassed 2,000 user registrations. All 2,000 received $10 free for signing-up. Some of these users did very well! One user specifically won $4,000 with his $10 sign-up bonus!

Over 700,000 Wagers Placed

BetGalaxy’s infrastructure is robust, and supports incredible throughput. This has allowed for over 700,000 wagers to be successfully placed in under 24 hours.

Over $700,000 in Volume

Wagers are soaring in, and users are competing for Top 15 Wager Competition, as well as the VIP Tier 9 Race! The stage is set for some interesting battles.

New Features Incoming

We will be enabling a new Slots game provider, Spinmatic, in the very near future. As well as adding some additional features to BetGalaxy that some of you have asked for! Specifically: More features to improve referral tracking, a referral competition leaderboard, and some minor visual improvements to a few of our games.

BetGalaxy Team is highly devoted and driven to bring you the ULTIMATE cryptocurrency gambling experience!


The ULTIMATE Crypto-Gambling Experience