BetGalaxy 2.0 Launch Announcement

Improved User Interface

  • Reworked the left-menu to be much more user friendly and much more useful in general
  • Made improvements to the Provider Games filtering system.
  • Removed cluttered sections and reworked sections for ease of use.
  • Added “Hide 0 balance” toggle to balances drop down selector.

Improved Slots and Provider Games

New Rewards and Dividend Model

  • Cashback is disabled for the initial launch, when it returns it will be a portion of total losses back, rather than the previous “raked” model.
  • Referral rewards are now 5% of COSMO mined.
  • GalaxyBoost system is no longer needed, has been disabled and not accessible within the UI anymore.

Launch Information




The ULTIMATE Crypto-Gambling Experience

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The ULTIMATE Crypto-Gambling Experience

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